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We´ve just finished the secret cross-country test and will now give you a sneak-peek of another test of the Under Flip Air line, with famous snowmobile star, Jostein Stenberg.
Stenberg is a hard-core dude. He´s not afraid to backflip a 500 pound snowmobile on hard dirt wearing nothing but long-johns and a comfortable crew-neck jersey with flat-lock seams.
Unlike most superheroes, he produces sweat, which will soon turn into B.O.
Lucky for him, his underwear is treated with a special antibacterial finish – making sure he will always smell nice and fresh.
Also, unlike most superheroes, he has super sensitive skin.
In order to prevent atopic eczema he treats his skin with UV-light and cortisone cream, but most importantly, he always wears clothes with high breathability that feel soft to the skin.